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Animated video:

is a rich, engaging medium, that is cost-effective, easy to manage, and will help your key points pop. It offers all the benefits of a visual medium with much smaller resource requirements than you might expect.

Explainer Video:

An explainer video is a short animated video commonly used to explain complicated ideas in a straightforward and memorable way. This makes it a valuable tool for many organizations, particularly those in education. Animated video can be used to inform people about initiatives, share public service announcements and accomplish much more. Since animated explainer videos use narrative and metaphor, complex lessons become accessible to viewers of all ages.

How Can Explainer Video Be Used?

  • Campaigns – No matter what kind of campaign you’re running, it’s important to get people to connect with your mission. However, when you’re dealing with abstract ideas and reasoning, it can be difficult to make a connection with people. An animated video is the perfect solution for garnering interest quickly and effectively.
  • Public education – When you need to inform the general public about your educational initiatives, an explainer video is an easy way to get your message across and keep your audience engaged. An explainer video can be included on your website or in a presentation, and is easy for viewers to share and circulate, helping to expand your reach.
  • Schools – Videos can be used in the classroom to explain difficult concepts, especially those involving a lot of numbers. Animated video can present data and graphs in a way that makes the material come alive for students.
  • Employee training – Some procedures and policies can be hard to explain to new employees. An animated video is an efficient way to break down complex software or processes and make them

  • Entertainment Video:

    Television carries an increasing number of animated programs. For children, animation may be used for entertainment or to get an educational message across, while animated shows and short films aimed at older people may have dramatic, comedy or satirical themes.

  • Lately, with new digital technology, it has become easier to produce animated feature-length films and DVDs/videos, and such films even have their own category at the Oscars!
  • One of the fastest-growing areas for animators is the field of commercial music video production. Videos can be completely animated or moving images can be used incorporating cartoon animation mixed with straight video footage of the band or artist.
  • 2D Animated video

    2D animation is one of the most popular and broadly used techniques. It’s a style in which both characters and scenes are created in a 2D space. This type of animation is a great choice for educational purposes since it is emotion-evoking and appeals directly to the audience, making it an ideal form of content for people to share.

    1. Atmospheric Pressure

    2D Character Animated video

    2D character animation focuses on creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments.Well-designed story and character animations helps students learn faster and easier.

    1. kinza or dengi ki jung

    2. Application of Area

    3D Animated video

    This animation technique has endless possibilities. It’s mostly used for commercial and educational purposes because of its high quality. Additionally, the ability to rotate and zoom into all the elements in the video makes the viewer feel immersed in what’s being shown.Animating objects in a three-dimensional space. 3D Animation can be rotated and moved like real objects.

    1. Quaid-e-Azam(R.A)

    2. Government Responsibilities and Citizens Rights

    3D Character Animated video

    Character animation is a specialized area of the animation process, which involves bringing animated characters to life. The role of a Character Animator is analogous to that of a film or stage actor, and character animators are often said to be "actors with a pencil" (or a mouse). 3D animator will spend most of their time looking at curves that represent the movement of different body parts over time.Another big difference with 3D animation is that unlike traditional animation, the character’s body parts are always present and should be taken to consideration.

    1. Perimiter

    Live Animated video

    In live action videos, teachers are recorded using a camera. And adding animation to explain concept better. It’s a good option for education seeking to build a personal relationship between them and students by showing real people in real scenes.

    1. Virtual frog Dissection: why and how we dissect a frog for study purpose?

    2. Cell Division

    3. Electricity Generation

    WhiteBoard Video

    Whiteboard animation is a process where a creative story and storyboard with pictures consists of drawing simple black and white illustrations is drawn on a whiteboard (or something that resembles a whiteboard) by artists

    1. Tranpose of Matrix

    Screencast Video

    A screencast is a digital video recording of your computer screen and usually includes audio narration. ... Not unlike a screenshot, screencasts can be called a screen capturevideo or screen recording and is a great way to teach or share ideas.

    1. Chemical Formula of Compounds

    Process overview video

    An explainer video/process overview video is a short animated video that focuses on explaining a business idea in a simple, engaging and compelling way, by using a clear and concise language; appealing and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer's attention.

    1. Helping Clients Procure Better and Faster to Achieve Results

    1. Punjab Procurement Regulatory Authority Overview

    Product demo video

    Excellent product demo video explains how something works. Demo videos also urge people to buy the items by showing how to solve a problem. They make life more enjoyable or simplify processes. Often, a product demo video tells a story customers have worked out in their minds.

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